Web Solutions

Presenting your business on the web can improve your overall business and increase profits. By investing in a website, you invest in the development of the image you are placing on your customers. Based on the analysis that our team constantly performs in order to monitor quality standards well and adapt to them, we have concluded that a quality website is a key quality business parameter. 

Whether it’s an already existing website or you need a new one, we will make the greatest effort to create your portfolio through an attractive and professional website. Consulting B1 turns your ideas into a visually brilliant website that gets the right attention for improved conversions, increased revenue, and phenomenal growth. A great website design is what sets your business apart. Walking the fine line of using the best design practices, our team of expert designers ensures industry standards are never compromised while creating world class designs that are as unique as your business. 

eCommerce Solutions

We create user-engaging web-based E-Commerce applications for an online shopping experience your customers will keep coming back for. Based on your unique goals and business focus, our expert team can design front-end, program back-end, and construct a high-quality custom web solution to fulfill your project needs and expectations.

Business Solutions

We have a flexible, dynamic, and quality-driven team that rolls out software development solutions in line with the hottest industry trends. With us by your side, you stand a better chance of enhancing your business productivity.<br><br>We provide full-cycle development services that go beyond basic project requirements. We are no strangers to Agile and linear development processes and can create a unique approach that best resonates with your project specifications.