Training & Education

Our team of specialists provide personalized and in-depth training which is necessary for a successful business where, in the background, is an extremely good and precisely chosen ERP system. Our consultants offer professional, detailed training to your company and it’s employees in order for them to be prepared to use the software. We provide training in segments based on the software characteristics which are:


focus is on the User Account and Authorizations


focus is on the Accounting for Sales and Purchasing, Chart of Account and Banking

Sales & Opportunities

focus is on the Customer Groups, Customer Relationship Management, transactions and Sales Order to Cash


focus is on the Item Master Data, Logistics and Valuation Methods


focus is on the Procurement Process, Purchasing Items and Purchasing Services

Production & MRP

focus is on the Bill of Materials, Resources and Forecasting

We know how frustrating it can be when you can’t figure something out and need to wait for a helpline. That’s why we share the knowledge you need in our tutorials, instead of keeping that away from you. We ensure that you know how to use this software quickly & efficiently. You can also request dedicated training or ask for help at any time after implementing the product workflow. We go the extra mile and make sure our valued customers are heard first on what new features and enhancements they want to see in their SAP software.

Our team provides extensive experience and expertise to help our clients get the most out of their care. We take a hands-on approach by working with you to provide you with the best possible support, when and how you need it


Since we don’t want to make you dependent on us to guide you through every single step, every implementation is followed by a vast majority of guides we create using examples for your company specifically to maximize the ease of use and readability

Every meeting and training session during the implementation can be recorded and sent out to your team so you can have it for future reference.

End User training

The process of end-user training helps new users to fully understand the process from the view and work on the transactions independently. The purpose of the end user training’s is to make people more familiar with the process and understand how the system supports the business process so they can use it for their company. End Users are responsible for operating day to day transactions after the project Go Live. Training of the end users is one of the most important steps for a successful system implementation. There are two possible solutions for training. The first is to use project team members to develop and deliver the end user training and the second is to identify a training partner to support the development and delivery of end user training, including a train the trainer component.